Thematic Areas

Wibena Impact gives youth and women the tools to become innovators in the fields of democracy, economics, and social entrepreneurship so that they are empowered to lead.
Wibena Impact undertakes a variety of research activities in various contexts. Through our research, we design result specific development policy for optimum impact. We collaborate widely in ensuring we come up with clear and concise education and community development initiatives.
Various studies, as well as our experience, have shown that when we work towards women empowerment, the whole society benefits.Women and girls make up half the world’s population.
The organization will adapt environment and climate change strategies to entail adjustments and changes from community to national levels. These strategies will be in line with the United Nations plans.
One of the world’s most urgent issues is lack of safe water, sanitation and hygiene. Water related improvements are crucial to meet the development goals, reduce child mortality, and improve health
Change requires leadership at every level of society. Wibena Impact cultivates leaders who strive to serve others in local communities, schools, governing institutions and organization.
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