Our mentoring program enable participants to be inspired by experienced leaders and successful entrepreneurs.

Attendees/Mentees/Participants will be able to learn about and make connections with seasoned professionals in different areas of interest, but particularly their point of interests.
Each small group will have an appointed Group Leader after the event (If successful and upon agreement with Mentor) to assist the mentor with group bios, scheduling, meeting venues, etc. and follow up (i.e. act as the group rep)
Each Group Leader after that must keep track of attendance for any/each meeting(s) that will be held, and provide it to the Mentor and WI upon request. This information will be important as far as determining future admittance into the program


The Business Mentorship Program is designed to provide the following to Young Graduates/Students:

Exploration of WI’s mission/aim in a confidential, trusting environment of idea exchange;
A broader understanding of all facets of the study and work environment;
Connectivity with WI Peers and Mentors;
Personal, professional development, and career advice.

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