Wibena Impact believes that empowerment of young people and women is the key to development. There is particularly emphasis on youth and women, thus addressing cross-cutting issues such as the promotion of women’s socio-economic empowerment and the enhancement of youth employability as well as creating  hope among the youth. Wibena seeks to provide capacity building of youth and women to equip them with relevant skills in economic empowerment and employability. The motivation here is to take the initiatives to a new level that will help the involved target groups to generate income and address their basic needs at them household level as well as to save for other economic activities. Wibena Impact gives youth and women the tools to become innovators in the fields of democracy, economics, and social entrepreneurship so that they are empowered to lead, start and manage small businesses. In the long term, through appropriate projects, Wibena Impact aspires to see improved livelihoods for marginalized women and youth in targeted communities

  • Sensitizing women on their rights particularly on the issues of inheritance and properly rights.
  • Supporting Women Social Economic Empowerment initiatives
  • Provision of sanitary towels and supporting trainings for girls to make the same for sustainability.
  • Promote psychosocial support
  • Business mentorship and linkage to financiers
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