27 Aug 2020

WIBENA Impact launches program to lift youth and women out of poverty

A Rwandan NGO, WIBENA Impact, has launched a long-term program to help youth and women in Africa thrive, as one of the categories in which statistics show that they are lagging in development compared to men.

It is a long-term program, which will be based on the broader WIBENA Impact framework, which includes knowledge-based education, leadership education, women’s and youth development, gender equality, human rights, and justice for all and c climate change resilience.

It is a goal that the organization says it wants to share with all Africans, to help people of the continent better share the opportunities available that can promote it.

The organization says African education needs to be reformed, based on knowledge rather than just paper.

René Yves Uwayo, Regional Program Manager at Wibena Impact, said: “When you have knowledge no one can take it away, we believe that knowledge is the path to Africa’s development.”

He outlined the goals of Rwanda and Africa, in general, to build a knowledge economy, explaining why there should be a change in the current knowledge, which is more relevant to the times. He said the WIBENA Impact is campaigning, to encourage all stakeholders, including the government, to put more effort into the reform of knowledge in general.

In this journey, Wibena Impact is also organizing training to raise the profile of those who are lagging in development, including women and youth. It is a training course for 120 people in Nyarugenge District, where they will be taught vocational skills and will be helped to find tools that will help them to make it productive.

“It is a project to provide practical skills training to the most vulnerable people in Nyarugenge District. 120 people will be selected from the sectors that make up the region, and then, we will provide them with the equipment they need that will enable them to start earning money,” Uwayo said.

Speaking on the development of women and youth, Uwayo said that these categories of people are among the most lagging in development, where statistics show that during the Coronavirus period, unemployment increased to 22.1% from 13%.About 25% of those who lost their jobs were women, 27.1% were youth while only 19% were men. Uwayo points out that there is still a need for more efforts to help these levels rise. He said development is impossible for people who do not complement each other, which is why their concerns include complementarity between the two sexes. This will go hand in hand with helping everyone get the opportunity they deserve and achieve their dream, no matter what their gender is.

“Let people be prevented with incompetence, but not by human inventions,” he said. This will ensure that resources are shared fairly, where everyone gets what they deserve, and there is no need for the poorest and richest in the country. In maintaining good health, Uwayo says it is important that as a development community, they should study the issue of climate change and take care of the environment because that is where people draw their lives. He also said that it is important to protect the environment to protect future generations, “which can be heard in history because they will no longer exist.”

Wibena Impact combines all the responsibilities to be productive.

“Looking at our projects, it has a connection. As an example of the training we will provide, we can teach leadership responsibilities, conduct anti-drug or violence awareness campaigns, so each one complements the other. ” He said WIBENA Impact is conducting a regular assessment, which is what Steve Young’s statement is: The principle is self-control, self-improvement, and self-improvement today than it was yesterday,” he said.

The campaign aims to bring change, To develop the youth, the WIBENA Impact has a large government advocacy program aimed at encouraging it to reduce taxes.

WIBENA Impact says that although taxes are not eliminated for young people, they can be reduced or there may be a time limit for small businesses operating to allow them to build capacity that will help them pay taxes in the long run. In addition to tax reduction, there are projects the organization plans to undertake in the field of environmental care including forestation during the mining week, which will be celebrated at the end of the year. It will also educate miners on the best ways to protect the environment near their place of work, as the mining industry when mismanaged, damages the environment by flooding rivers, forests, and so on.

“When you look at mining around the world, you will see that it is one of the most polluting substances in the environment, such as water, illegal logging, and soil contamination. We will not stop mining because it is very important for the economy. In Rwanda, it is the second-largest source of foreign exchange earnings after tourism, but there are ways to do it better, depending on the environment in general,” he added.

In the field of education, WIBENA Impact says it plans to focus on promoting education based on the history of the African continent, rather than focusing on other countries, because “when you don’t know where you came from you won’t know where you and you are going”.

“We believe that education is the right of every African. We want Africans to know their history because a country that does not know its history it fails in the middle of the journey. When you look at Africa, we study foreign history more than our own, which makes us love foreign countries more than we love our countries. So if you don’t like where you are, you won’t be able to do sustainable development. ”

WIBENA Impact is one of the organizations that helped people get food during the lockdown program, where they provided food in the Nyarugenge, Nyakabanda, Kimisagara, and Kicukiro areas.

It aims to reach out to all African countries as there are often many problems common to the entire continent, so this will give it a chance to achieve its goals of improving the lives of Africans in general.

Currently, the organization has launched a series of discussions on technology, covering a wide range of topics. As of this month, the discussion returned to the topic of “Youth and talents”, which was attended by celebrities including artist Mani Martin.

The talks also drew a crowd of over 23,000 people from around the world.

The organization helps the poorest sections of the population, helping them build health and progress. For people with development projects that can change the lives of many, WIBENA Impact welcomes them, where they can easily achieve it, through its social media platforms or by emulating it at its headquarters in the Centenary House in Kigali City.

For those who want to support it, WIBENA Impact is ready to work with them, where an individual, an institution, a certain family, and many others, can approach it and be shown the projects they are sponsoring. Basing on the huge responsibilities this organization has, supporting them is to help the youth, women, and others who have projects that this organization is developing.

WIBENA Impact’s activities can also be found on social media including its website https://www.wibenaimpact.org/ , Twitter and Facebook on behalf of Wibena impact

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