Youth Empowerment is a process, to encourage youth by all means. It is an effort towards making a course for them to sustain and adapt as per the situations. It aims at improving the quality of life youth are living and bring Empowerment by giving them access to the resources which can help them to build confidence and work in the direction of attaining growth and transformation. There are various programs that are launched to empower youth in different verticals.

Our approach

Facilitating Capacity and economic development of youth groups on:

  • Leadership and Governance:
  • Entrepreneurship and wealth creation
  • Business planning and Management
  • Agriculture, Agribusineses& livelihoods
  • Peace building and conflicts prevention
  • Advocacy and policy influencing
  • Reproductive Health Rights and HIV Aids
  • Business mentorship and linkage to financiers
  • Resource mobilization
  • Improved literacy levels through support of formal vocational trainings
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