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Wibena Impact is pleased to announce to the larger public that it is hosting a virtual conference to celebrate the International Science Day For Peace and Development 2020 with theme: “Science for and with the society in dealing with the global pandemic.” The Event will take place on November 13, 2020 at 3 – 4:30 P.M Central African Time (CAT) using Zoom platform.

About the Conference

Peace and development are complementary to each other. They are like two sides of a coin. ... Peace means the absence of violence or other disturbances within a state whereas development is a result of peaceful environment. Development can be conducted only in a peaceful environment.

In conflict-ridden communities, business and activities are disrupted due to the unreliable social services and the prevalence of social problems such as poverty, hunger and inequality, when we apply scientific solutions to these challenges what we get is sustainable and long- lasting peace and development.

Wibena Impact as an organization that is strongly committed to combatting the challenges brought by covid-19 pandemic in Rwanda and has been nominated for a continental award for that by the Global Emerging Pathogens Treatment Consortium (GET). We are also, structurally speaking, heavily involved in sanitation programs, evidence-based policy and decision-making, climate change and environment and treasures cooperation will be privileged to host a panel of scientists, policymakers, private practitioners, health professionals, and the public at large to celebrate this important day in making more impact. In line with UNESCO’s “Open Science” concept, the conference will discuss three major subjects: promoting international scientific cooperation, ensuring access to water and supporting ecological reconstruction.