African Graduate Entrepreneurship Transformation Program (AGETP)

Wibena Impact is dedicated to engage and train university graduates to become social entrepreneurs. By instilling an ethic of cooperation and partnership, providing knowledge and teaching skills, Wibena Impact combined with the Wibena Institute will foster new generations of entrepreneurs in Rwanda who will in turn provide employment for Rwanda’s youth and actively promote change in their communities.

The African Graduate Entrepreneurship transformation program intends to develop an innovative training model that will challenge young graduates to develop entrepreneurship skills and concepts where they will disseminate the knowledge and skills they have attained through courses taken at the Institute. Once our graduates can incorporate and leverage their opportunities, knowledge, skills and values, there will be an expansion in the numbers of successful social enterprises that will enhance the per capital income and, gradually, the national GDP. This, we hope, will lead to widespread social and economic transformation and a possible remedy for the increasing divide between rich and poor that threatens national and regional stability.

Our Institute is committed to establish local and international partnerships across a wide and diverse range of sectors. More specifically, we actively seek out universities, colleges and technical institutes, humanitarian/non-governmental organizations and corporations for partnerships and support in the strive to bring down the high unemployment rate in Rwanda and subsequently the EAC and from there on the whole continent. We believe that young Africans are ready to take on the problems that have held their continent back if they are fairly and responsibly empowered.

Africa for Sustainable Development Fellows

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