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Our History

Wibena Impact envisions a world in which all people can achieve their potential life objectives. It is a world with greater prosperity and social justice geared towards empowered generations for a better result. It is a world that embraces hope and kindness. It is with these principles that the organization was founded with the aim of addressing challenges faced by women and youth such as poverty, early teenage pregnancy, drug abuse and lack of technical-know at large in the society.

The main focus has been on societal empowerment and digital transformation promoting social progress and better standards of life for sustainable livelihood.

This is done through socio-economic growth by provision of basic quality education for sustainable development, capacity building and empowerment programs, research and development for the most vulnerable groups.

These are the groups who are mostly at the risk of poverty eradication across the globe. The need came out of research conducted by a team of experts. The empirical study revealed that Kigali has women and youth population that comes with high energy, innovation, creativity and talents. However, there is an acute shortage of empowerment and mentorship skills to bridge the gap.

The current provision of entrepreneurship supports to enable them gain relevant skills is entirely insufficient. As such, the majority of these vulnerable groups dwell in urban slum and rural areas.

It was after this study that the organization started working on bringing the most vulnerable women and youth together to build unique skills in entrepreneurship, leadership, Climate change and environmental conservation through capacity building.

Aims / Objectives

Main Objective

To empower the most vulnerable groups focusing on the six pillars through implementation of an array of projects which include but not limited to education, research and development WASH programs, entrepreneurship and environment.

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Specific Objectives

1. To promote quality and gender sensitivity education across Africa with emphasis on Rwanda through researched programs.

2. To sensitize the community on importance of environmental protection for positive climate change management.

3. To promote income generating activities and create vocational skills for the marginalized groups to become self-reliant and reduce the level of poverty.

4. To promote linkage between the organization and the entire community, NGOs and the government to ensure that the values of the group, mission and vision is achieved.

Our Focus Areas

Team section

Our Team

AGANDA Wycliffe
Founder / President
Thomas Plura
Executive Director
Regional Director
UWAYO René Yves
Executive Director
Mercy Kalekye
Event Manager
KENNETH Williams
Project Manager
M & E Expert